Caring for our communities and associates.

At Staples, we inspire our associates to make a difference in their communities through volunteering, directing grant funding and fundraising for the causes they care about, including helping their fellow associates in need.

2 Million & Change: Supporting our community

Staples promotes education and career skills development in the communities where our associates and customers live and work. The 2 Million & Change program allows associates to direct donations to the organizations they care about. In 2016, that meant $2.3 million went to 1,000 organizations our associates support. For more information on all our community efforts, please visit

Staples Share Fund: Assisting our associates

The US Staples Share Fund and the Canadian Staples Employee Share Fund, founded and funded by associate and corporate contributions, offer grants to associates in need of financial assistance due to natural disasters, catastrophic personal events or other circumstances beyond their control. These funds have provided over $2 million in grants to more than 2,000 associates. For more information on the U.S. Staples Share Fund please visit