Our Story
Staples is a leader in the business essentials industry focused on delivering innovative products and services to help organizations be more productive, connected and inspired every day. But how did we get here? 

One fateful Fourth of July weekend, Tom Stemberg broke the ribbon on his typewriter and went in search of a replacement. Stores were closed for the holiday, and the ones still open just didn’t have enough of a selection. Tom came to the realization that businesses needed a reliable, one-stop supplier for all office supplies. Ten months later in 1986, the first Staples store – and the world’s first office supply superstore – opened in Brighton, Massachusetts.  

Over the years, Staples has always evolved to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs, from launching our catalog delivery service, Staples Direct, in 1989 to becoming one of the first online storefronts in 1998 to today’s focus on eCommerce and direct sales. Today our experts work tirelessly, using cutting-edge technology to ensure businesses have the right expertise, solutions and products to get the job done and done right.