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Shipping Sorter (10pm to 5am)

Function: Distribution/Warehouse/Transportation
Location: Toronto Warehouse, Mississauga, ON CA
Date posted: 2/9/2018 9:06:48 PM
Type: Full-time
Permanent / Contract: Regular
Job number: 1039977





Responsible for the timely and accurate daily preparation of customer deliveries on pallets for transport via our carriers to hub locations, as well as handling non-pallet items such as furniture along the same guidelines.



  • Comply with all company policies and procedures.
  • Maintains general cleanliness of the shipping area, common areas, and other areas as assigned according to company standards.
  • Responsible for preparation of customer deliveries on pallets, wrapping the pallets, and placing them on the appropriate trailer by delivery hub. Also assists in preparing related documentation to support the shipment.
  • Ensure the proper loading of trailers in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Ensure that trailers are loaded with consideration given to load balancing so as to ensure that the trailer is safe and road worthy.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all sortation fingers which direct the flow of boxes from QC to shipping are kept clear throughout the day. This requires constant monitoring and clearing of the fingers on an "as needed" basis.
  • Required to build cases on pallets in a safe manner which ensures no damage to the shipping carton or to the product enclosed.
  • Required to wrap the pallet in a manner which ensures that the boxes on the pallet will not collapse in transit.
  • Required to assist fellow associates with the management of orders as time circumstances are crucial to the operation.
  • Ensure that the trailers and exterior shipping grounds are clean and esthetically pleasing to the public and surrounding businesses.
  • Required to acquire certification to operate material handling equipment in your area. Training will be provided by the company.
  • Responsible for the safe use of all material handling Equipment
  • Required to wear a full body harness with a retractable lanyard when using material handling equipment other than pallet or lift trucks.
  • Responsible for informing management of any maintenance issues regarding the equipment, common areas, the shipping area, and the general warehouse area.





  • Successful completion of high school.


  • A preference of one to two years of previous experience.

Skill Requirements:

  • Two Wheel Hand Cart
  • Manual Pallet Truck
  • Electric Pallet truck
  • Lift Truck

Work Condition/ Skill Requirements:  

  • Conditions may cause physical discomfort due to significant exposure to uncontrollable temperature, noise from internal paging and conveyor system, delivery trucks, fumes from trucks, dirt and dust. Due to your direct contact with material handling equipment, there is a high risk of personal injury if not practicing safe working habits.
  • You can expect to be exposed to multiple demands and constant interruptions from superiors and co-workers.
  • Required to communicate with Outbound and Inbound Associates, Call Centre Associates, and members of the front office team. Communication requires a normal level of courtesy.
  • Requires basic reading and arithmetic skills and strong command of the English language.
  • Problems faced on the job tend to be standardized with infrequent new problems. Decisions are made based on company policies and procedures. Problems requiring breach of a policy should be referred to a supervisor.
  • The position demands that you follow the schedule of the flow of boxes along the fingers. However, you may be asked or directed by management to focus your attention on specific fingers or areas of the shipping dock.
  • Communicates suggestions for improvements on both administrative and process methods.


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