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Staples supports hiring veterans

Recruiting & Retaining Veterans

We’re seeking amazing talent!

We’re grateful for our nation’s heroes and their service and commitment to our country. We truly value the skills and knowledge that veterans bring to Staples, and we support hiring qualified veterans.

At Staples, we want to be THE BEST! That’s why we’re looking for THE BEST candidates. People who possess a mental toughness and willingness to take smart risks that will help our company succeed.

If you are a veteran seeking employment or you know a veteran in need of employment, learn more about career opportunities currently available within Staples.

Paid Military Leave

All full-time and part-time associates are eligible for a military leave of absence from the start of employment.  During an associate’s leave, the company provides the associate with his or her regular pay, less military pay, upon proof of military pay.

Unless the associate requests otherwise, Staples will also continue the associate’s health benefits coverage while the associate is on military leave for up to 1 year.  Associates on military leaves of absence are entitled to re-employment rights.  The cumulative length of an associate’s military leave from employment is five (5) years.

Veteran Associate Resource Groups

In 2013, we launched Veteran Resource Groups at our Home Office in Framingham, MA and the London, OH Fulfillment Center.  This is open to veterans, family members of veterans…or anyone who supports our Heroes and would like to participate!  For more information, please contact Holly Matznick, Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition.

Our global Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) give members a collective voice, formal community, sense of empowerment and decision-making, deeper engagement in the company, a focus of commonalities and a forum to celebrate differences. Each group, although having a different focus, brings value to its members, to the communities we serve, and to Staples. Our ARGs are very inclusive, so membership is open to everyone.

Recruiting Events

Staples participates in veteran networking events and job fairs, both virtual and in-person, at locations nationwide.

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Our Veterans' Stories

Sr Manager, Store Operations – Framingham Home Office – 11+ years with Staples

7 years Army National Guard

“For me, the transition from military to civilian work life was difficult.  I was deployed in 2003 to Afghanistan.  While it was combat, the rules were clear.  There was a mission, get it done and go home.  Simple.  I honed my skills to get the job done.  Transition into the civilian world there were a lot of variables.  I knew I had a specific skill set, however I was not sure how to talk about it in an interview.  The advice I would give to service members experiencing a similar type of transition is to always have confidence in what you have learned and done.  It sets you apart.  And here at Staples, we value the skills and knowledge that Veterans bring to the table.”

eCommerce Consultant – Staples Advantage – 15+ years with Staples

8 years Army

“My 8 years of military service took me to many different countries and with each came different experiences.  When I talk with other veterans, family, and friends about time in the Army I often talk about my deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Operation Sea Signal.

Before the deployment the unit did not have the appropriate skills, but we embraced the mission and prepared for success.  Before the deployment the soldiers in my unit were comrades, but by at the end we were family.  Many friendships were formed between the soldiers and the refugees.  If you drop preconceived notions and open up you will meet a lot of good people in the world.”

Global Loss Prevention Manager – 6+ years with Staples

3 years Navy

“The biggest piece of my naval experience involved counterdrug operations in South America. I spent time in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador and various spots in the Caribbean.  I also spent time as a member of the Honor Guard for special events.

There’s a direct correlation between the team work that you learn and use in the military to the team work that you need to be successful at Staples.  I’ve used a number of skills during my retail career that came from military training.”

Maintenance Tech – Putnam FC – 14+ years with Staples

30 years Navy

“I am a retired US Navy Submarine Machinist Mate First Class.  I joined the Navy with no direction in my life.  The military gave me direction, purpose, knowledge and pride that I was serving my country.

When I retired from the Navy, I had to start all over. I was originally hired as a temp at the Staples Fulfillment Center in Putnam, CT. and I worked for three months when my supervisor asked if I would like a full time position as a Production Associate.  I also worked as a Shipper for two years when a position opened in the Maintenance Dept.  The skills and knowledge I gained during my time in the Navy served me well and I was awarded the Maintenance Tech position. I’ve been working for Staples for 14 years now and I wouldn’t want to work for any other company.”