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Staples University Relations team is always on the lookout for motivated students who are looking to grow their career with us. We partner with local colleges and universities to discover top-tier talent for our program, as well as our entry-level opportunities.

Summer internships are available in:

  • Broomfield, CO
  • Cambridge, MA (Velocity Lab)
  • Columbia, SC
  • Framingham, MA (Corporate Headquarters)
  • Lincolnshire, IL
  • Other field locations across the nation

There’s a lot of work that goes into every part of Staples. Each year interns work on real projects that impact the business, in all departments, including finance, IT, marketing, merchandising, HR, supply chain and more. We are proud to convert many of our top interns to full-time associates.

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Graduates looking to get started

We value diverse and professional backgrounds and are always looking for different perspectives, especially from the millennial generation. Interested in starting your career with us? Search our current roles.

We’re always at colleges and universities nationwide, talking to talented individuals like you.

University Relations Success Stories

Supply Chain –Logistics Strategy Co-Op

“As a Logistics Strategy Co-Op, I have been working on challenging projects and have always been treated like a full-time associate. My manager and teammates showed genuine interest towards my growth guiding me to complete my projects successfully. Staples provides an environment to learn and experiment new ideas. I had several opportunities where I could implement my ideas and test the outcome which I feel is unique about Staples. Currently I am working with the latest data analysis tools that will help me prepare for a career within the competitive industry. This Co-Op has been a wonderful learning experience and has helped me grow as a professional.”

Staples Brands Group – Product Management & Development Own Brand Co-Op

“I am not just a “Co-Op”, I am an associate of Staples. I am valued, and I was able to receive a taste of the real world. At Staples, it’s a community with endless opportunities to become more involved with community projects,  volunteer efforts, even getting on camera and playing a role in a short clip! The Co-op program has given me the unique opportunity to understand what it takes to succeed. I was able to sharpen my professional skills throughout my time on SBG. Given the many unique departments and divisions, I had the chance to thoroughly understand each and every one of them. With the support of my team and the leadership from my manager, I was able to tackle challenging responsibilities. Dedicating time and hard work on a project and then witnessing it go live gave me a sense of accomplishment and achievement that contributed to my entire experience. I feel ready to enter with confidence and greater knowledge. My advice; Make the most of it!”

Global Technology –Data Scientist Co-Op

“Since day one I was given freedom to  apply my ideas and experiment with new technologies which gave me a tremendous exposure and sense of achievement. I joined this company as a Data Science co-op only with academic knowledge and no real experience in the field.  This is a place I was able to apply my technical skills to develop scalable systems that have enhanced my technical expertise and learning. I work with wonderful team members who always support and guide me towards getting the most out of my experience. I can undoubtedly say that this wholesome experience has prepared me well to pursue my future endeavors with confidence and a clear professional vision. The co-op experience at Staples has been a very fulfilling one.”

eCommerce – eCommerce Rotational Co-Op

“I’ve been fortunate to contribute on numerous ‘big projects’. But I must say that in my first rotation, I spearheaded a product assessment for Business Services. As Staples is looking to expand its reach in BO$$ and mid-market, it was my responsibility  to conduct due-diligence on Local Digital Marketing Platforms. Once our team developed a short-list of viable contenders that we could potentially partner with, it was my responsibility to dig into the weeds by assessing every element of each digital marketing platform’s offerings.  Once I gleaned as much data as possible, I formulated a scoring system that rated each company according to breadth and depth of offerings, as well as its strategic fit for our business. I believe my success here which hopefully will lead to a full time offer has been my go-getter mentality, the relationships I have built, and venturing out of my comfort zone. Staples has allowed me to truly believe one day I may be the Chief Strategy Officer I hope to be!”

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