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University Recruiting

Staples University Relations team is always on the lookout for motivated students who are looking to grow their career with us. We partner with local colleges and universities to discover top-tier talent for our program, as well as our entry-level opportunities.

Summer internships are available in:

  • Broomfield, CO
  • Cambridge, MA (Velocity Lab)
  • Columbia, SC
  • Framingham, MA (Corporate Headquarters)
  • Lincolnshire, IL
  • Other field locations across the nation

There’s a lot of work that goes into every part of Staples. Each year interns work on real projects that impact the business, in all departments, including finance, IT, marketing, merchandising, HR, supply chain and more. We are proud to convert many of our top interns to full-time associates.

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Graduates looking to get started

We value diverse and professional backgrounds and are always looking for different perspectives, especially from the millennial generation. Interested in starting your career with us? Search our current roles.

We’re always at colleges and universities nationwide, talking to talented individuals like you.

University Relations Success Stories

Marketing Specialist – Staples Brands Group

Former Co-op (2009)

“The co-op program at Staples provided me with the proper tools to succeed in the real world. From day one on the Marketing team, I was given the responsibility, work load, and exposure of a full time associate. My team at Staples helped me build an impressive resume with significant accomplishments during my short 6 month cycle. One of the biggest success factors for me was that my manager and the Staples Brands Group Senior Leadership Team were genuinely committed to the co-ops personal and professional development- without a doubt my experience at Staples entered me in the workforce with a leg up, prepared with strategic thinking and problem solving.”

Sr. Analyst – US Retail Labor

Former Store Associate (2005-2008), Former Intern (Summers 2007 & 2008)

“Working as a Store Associate was a lot of fun, and making the transition from Copy Center Associate to Summer Intern was an eye opening experience. I was amazed to learn about all of the business units beyond our Retail Stores, and was proud to be working for such a successful company. I knew Staples would provide great opportunities to learn about the many sides of our industry, and the culture throughout the office was one I felt I could grow and thrive in. The opportunity to begin my full time career with Staples after graduation was one I couldn’t pass up, and a decision I will never regret.”

Sr. Analyst – Site Optimization

Former intern (Fall/Spring 2009-2010)

“As an intern, I quickly learned that although a company specializes in a product or service, it can have endless possibilities and Staples is a prime example. I was in the IS department as an intern, upon graduation moved into the Contract Merchandising department and now I am in the eCommerce Expert Center. In my brief three years at Staples, I have learned and expanded my skill set more than I could have imagined. Managers and peers are extremely supportive and diligent when it comes to an individual’s development through career exploration and mentoring.”

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