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Associate Resource Groups

Staples proudly celebrates all dimensions of diversity and strives to build a culture where everyone feels valued. There are 21 chapters representing ten unique Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) located in North America. Each group is focused on an aspect of associate identity that impacts work life, customers, and our business. ARGs give group members a collective voice, a formal community, a sense of empowerment and decision-making, deeper engagement in the company, a focus on commonalities and a forum to appreciate differences. In our efforts to build an inclusive culture, we want to expand our reach so that all associates can connect with the group or groups of their choosing. We are continually looking for creative ways to include everyone in our programming. Currently, we have ARGs located in these locations.

  • Black Ties: Framingham, MA- A professional group of Staples associates who live our values and support each other, the Staples’ objectives, and the development of Black associates throughout North America.
  • Diversity Matters– Broomfield, CO; Maitland, FL-  Diversity Matters is committed to providing associate development activities and relevant community events. They are dedicated to respecting and encouraging diversity in all its forms including race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.
  • HOLA: Framingham, MA; Ontario, CA – HOLA (Hispanic or Latino Associates) ARG’s mission is to attract, educate, and empower diverse associates who will help drive Staples’ success for the future.
  • Out at Work: Framingham, MA  – Out at Work is a network for members and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community with a goal of creating a welcoming and accepting community at Staples.
  • Parenting Plus: Framingham, MA; Richmond Hills, Ontario-CAN – Parenting Plus ARG is intended to provide a network for support, encouragement, resources, and events for parents at all stages.
  • SPARC: Framingham, MA - SPARC (Staples Pan-Asian Resource Coalition) seeks to enable and empower its members to be successful at Staples, and contribute to the success of Staples and our community, by leveraging their unique perspectives.
  • Veterans: Framingham, MA  – Veterans Resource Group is a network of employees who have served in the armed forces, their spouses, family members, or anyone who supports the mission of this group.
  • Women in Technology: Framingham, MA; Broomfield, CO;  Lincolnshire, IL; San Mateo, CA; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, CAN – Women in Technology is a group of technical professionals focused on establishing Staples as an industry leader for attracting, developing and retaining female talent in technology careers.
  • Women Who Lead-Framingham, MA; Lincolnshire, IL; Mississauga, Ontario-CAN –  Women Who Lead seeks to foster an environment that empowers women to succeed in the workplace and beyond.
  • Young Professionals: Framingham, MA; Lincolnshire, IL; Mississauga, Ontario-CAN  – To bring together Staples’ young professionals for personal and career growth through: making connections and building relationships, developing skills and sharing resources, and giving back to Staples and the community.